What is emusu?

emusu provides everything required to set up a website for managing and selling music and video online – it is an easy-to-use music portal, website design and editing system with an integrated ecommerce platform. Designed for the music industry emusu is accessible to musicians, producers, bands, managers, record labels, distributors & publishers. The entire system is hosted on the internet so there is no additional software to install on your PC or MAC.

All you need is a bank account: The emusu platform consists of a highly flexible website template that can be fully customised and branded. The system uses the Click&buy payment gateway to enable content owners to offer secure international purchasing of digital downloads and physical products through Credit Card, Direct Debit or even charged to a phone bill. Optional Digital Rights Management tools restrict illegal file sharing, providing full control over how your digital content can be used once downloaded.

All emusu packages also include hosting, optional domain name registration and free registration of sub-domains. The standard capabilities of emusu also include:

  • easy deep links allowing you to create links directly to the products in your digital store from email, bloggs, myspace, second life etc
  • Online access to user statistics and sales figures
  • Net revenues paid directly into your bank
  • Automatic accounting to royalty collection agencies & international chart compliers
  • Multi-contact management database for e-mailshots
  • Marketing and promotion through www.clickandbuy.com, 7m worldwide subscribers
  • emusu file management and disaster recovery technology

The emusu music ecommerce portfolio also includes:

  • Product ‘pre-order’ option allowing you to build up chart registered sales of a record in advance of official release date
  • emusustats – state-of-the-art web statistics package includingh user clicks by page, language, browser, users location and much more
  • ‘Send-to-a-friend’ emailable branded media player allowing fans to easily recommend your music
  • Mobile content delivery

For more information on D A Recordings emusu music ecommerce packages and bespoke solutions please email sales@emusu.com.


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