emusu has become an outlet for a range of products and services provided by affiliates that anybody with a emusu site can take advantage of. Many of these services offer emusu clients the opportunity to increase revenues on top of music sales through additional revenue streams and commission payments.

The products and services available and commissions payable are listed under each product set. We have tried to source products and services that add as much value as possible to our clients or their customers experience when using an emusu website. Value added services can be included on your site entirely at your own discretion.

emusu Affiliates Does your organisation offer a product or service that may benefit our music industry clients?

If so, our channel partner team would like to hear from you… We pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art web statistics and IP tracking systems. This enables us offer affiliate opportunities and promotional packages based on a quantifiable business model tailored to help meet your revenue targets.

For more information on becoming an emusu Affiliate please email

Music Publishing & Accounting

D A Recordings, the company behind, has built a network of associated industry specialists providing services to record companies, artists and music industry organisations.

Record Companies: If you are a record company and your tracks are broadcast on the radio or played in public, you need to become a PPL member to ensure that you receive any airplay royalties that may be owed to you. We can provide a service to ensure that everything is registered correctly and that all royalties are received. We can register products and recordings with Catco on your behalf.

Performers: If you have performed on a track that has been broadcast or played in public, you need to register to receive your airplay royalties. We can assist you with all aspects of PPL registration and royalty

Additional Services:

LABEL MANAGEMENT – We can provide a range of label management services up to and including full label management.

DISTRIBUTION – We can help you identify and approach physical distributors and administer all aspects of distribution on an ongoing basis.

MANUFACTURING – We can provide a competitive quote for your manufacturing needs from our extensive network of contacts from manufacturing plants in the UK and overseas. emusu clients have the benefit of belonging to a large buying group, meaning cheaper costs with better services.

LICENSING – We can gain additional income from your sound recordings for you by licensing to overseas record companies and we can help source negotiate and administer master rights licensing deals.

ROYALTIES – We can run a check over your distribution statements to search for mistakes and missing income and where possible check suspense and copyright control accounts for unclaimed royalties. Our publishing partners can administer historic and future income to ensure that it flows in a timely and accurate manner.

AUDIT – We can arrange and undertake a full range of auditing services from major international artist audits to pre-audit desktop reviews. We use highly qualified and internationally experienced auditors and accountants to undertake this work. We can project manage the entire auditing process for you.


MCPS Licensees
We can administer applications for all MCPS licence agreements and undertake all administration associated with reporting your royalty liability to MCPS.

Publishers and Writers/Composers We can arrange the following:

– Administration for the UK collection and distribution of all royalty incomes.
– Royalty tracking.
– Registration of Agreements and Works.
– Registrations for worldwide representation.
– MCPS and PRS membership and advising on MCPS mandates.
– Setting up of mandates.
– Setting up MCPS excluded royalty arrangements where applicable.
– Negotiating synchronisation deals.
– Auditing.

CLEARANCES – We can manage clearances for TV, Film, Adverts, Sample clearances and disputes.


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